Preparing for a National Emergency.

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The problem with trying to tell the future is that there is no way to know if you will be right or wrong.  This is part of why it’s important to prepare for as many types of emergencies as possible.  I stress focusing the majority of your energy on those things at the bottom of the prepper pyramid, however bigger national emergencies can still occur.

What to do in a catastrophic emergency

I defined a catastrophic emergency in my blog post The Prepper Pyramid as “affecting countries or continents”.  Today I want to talk about a key part of prepping for catastrophic emergencies that seems to go mostly ignored.  Simply said it’s the ability of any prepper to leave their current country or continent in an emergency.

My country is super stable, why would I need that? There is always the potential for a massive catastrophe that could make any country unlivable.  If this happens what are your options?  When your country goes through economic collapse, or war what will you do?  A volcano erupts how will you escape if you need to?

There will definitely be some who will discard this advice in a patriotic fit.  “My country will always be safe.” or “I’ll take my chances  in the wild.”  I wish you luck.  However I will not let nationalism cloud my judgement and eliminate some of my paths out of harm’s way.  Given a choice between eating grubs out in the bush or re-establishing myself in some new country with next to nothing I can tell you very easily which one I’m going to take.

The one document you need
A passport is a key prepping tool that can be used to get you out of harms way. Click To Tweet

So what document is going to allow you to deal with these types of situations?  A passport.  Leaving any country without a passport will be very difficult and having a passport simply opens up possibilities.  It allows you to access land borders without having to risk your life sneaking across.  It allows you to book flights or ships if any are available.  Lastly it will also let you get back into your country without issues if you are forced to flee.

I’m not going to walk you through the process of getting yourself a passport because it will vary from country to country.  Most of the time it’s going to cost you some money and it’s going to take at least a month or two to get setup.  This is part of the reason that you should be getting it done now.

For an added bonus go Dual.
Being a dual citizen opens up possibilities when needing to flee across borders. Click To Tweet

If you already have a passport great! If it’s possible then get two.  Dual citizenship confers even more benefit and gives you a backup.  If the country you are from is suddenly persona non-grata on the world stage you have an out.  If you’re from country X and everyone is dealing with an influx from there then it’s great to have the option to be from country Y.  This may not be an option for everyone but if it is, do it!

As a side note some of you may consider leaving your country a very scary thing.  Having had the opportunity to travel extensively I can tell you there is no better thing in life.  Even as a prepper I have learned so much about life and survival by being able to go to places where people live very differently.  Take the opportunity to travel if you can, I doubt you will regret it.  I’m also certain it will help you in your prepping journey.


Stay Safe!

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