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Building out from my blog post “The The Prepper PyramidPrepper Pyramid” it’s important to establish a solid foundation as you start prepping.  This post therefore concentrates on preparing yourself for the most likely scenario which is the Status Quo.

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Although Prepping provides many of us an escape from the mundanity of our lives the likelihood of a SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan) event occurring  remains relatively remote from day to day.  It’s therefore important to have a plan for things remaining the same.  This means putting your life in order so that even if society does not collapse you will thrive.  Not only will this improve your life but it will also create a strong foundation for when things go wrong.

For the sake of simplicity we will divide this into three categories: Health, Wealth and Happiness.  There are parts of each that I am working on and struggling with, however that work has solidified my own foundation and set me up for success irrespective of what happens.

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Health is important in several ways.  Being in good physical shape is important and will help ensure you will be better able to cope. In an age where many (including myself) are white collar workers life will be infinitely more physically demanding if society collapses.  Taking care of Health also means taking care of problems as they arise and should include having regular check-ins with your Dr and Dentist.  In particular make sure your teeth in good shape. The last thing you want to be doing when things go bad is searching for a pair of pliers in order to do your own dental work.


Wealth is equally important.  Avoid starting to buy all sorts of needless prepping gadgets with money you can’t afford to spend. A single idea has helped me “Live below your means.”. It simply means that you should never spend anywhere near what you make.  I am not financial advisor but this has served me well and allowed me to build up a good nest egg that I can rely on in an emergency.  How you implement this is different for everyone, it could mean not having a second (or even a first) car, not owning a smartphone, not going out on a Friday night or even living in a smaller space than you can afford.  It may not mean you need to deprive yourself only that you should maintain a lifestyle that you can easily afford.


The final pillar is Happiness.  For the macho community that is prepping this seems to be under valued but it plays a key role in survival.  If you watch any survival shows (I’m a big fan of the genre) you will know that the psychological game is incredibly important.  As soon as people give up they lose.  In a real world situation this could mean death. I am fortunate in being a relatively happy person (although I sometimes struggle in winter).  Simply said you need to be self aware enough to know how you are doing and improve it if necessary.

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Keep those three areas under control and you will not only thrive in life but have a strong foundation for the future.  The more robust your life is in the status quo the better start you will have for when things go wrong.

Stay safe!


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