The Prepper Pyramid

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Prepping can be fun.  It’s a good escape from reality to think of how you would survive in a zombie apocalypse scenario.  But the reality is that the prepping community as a whole overemphasizes end of the world events and under emphasizes those things that are much more likely to happen.  With that in mind I have come up with an easy to consume pyramid to help you focus where you put your energy as you move forward in your prepping journey.  It is essentially a general progression in terms of how serious things are getting when it comes to disasters.
 The Prepper Pyramid
The Prepper Pyramid
The Prepper Pyramid helps you concentrate your effort on the most likely scenario.
So let’s first address the elephant in the room.
You need to be able to survive and prosper if nothing changes.  This is completely devalued in the prepping community but before you do more weapon preps or pack you bug out bag you need to get your life in order.
Prepping for the status quo.
Potential situations: Your life right now, the foundation.
Some Basic Preparations:
  • Ensure your finances are in order (including for retirement)
  • Ensure you are healthy both physically and psychologically
  • Do not put off getting help for whatever ails you
Prepping for Minor emergencies
Potential situations: Someone in your family is injured, you have a house fire, a community boil water advisory occurs.
Some Basic Preparations:
  • Have a communications plan for your family but also for hearing local news
  • Know your local emergency services (eg: Where is the closest hospital?)
  • Learn first Aid
  • Get a fire extinguisher
  • Have home/auto insurance
  • Learn how to defend yourself
Prepping for Major emergencies
Potential situations: Major power outage, tornado, ice-storm.
Some Basic Preparations:
  • Have stores of food and water
  • Have a bug in plan
  • Be able to produce electricity
Prepping for Catastrophic emergencies
Potential situations: Wildfire, Tsunami, Riots, War.
Some Basic Preparations:
  • Have a bug out plan, but only use it if absolutely necessary
  • Have a backup place to go out of harms way
  • Learn how to defend your property
  • Learn how to live off the land or survive while camping
  • Learn how to deal with medical emergencies
  • Have a prepping team or community you can rely on
Prepping for The end of the World
Potential situations: Nuclear War, Zombies, Mega Volcano, Super Virus
Some Basic Preparations:
  • Be very very lucky
  • Stay away from everyone until things settle a little
  • Know how to rebuild from the ground up


So how do I actually use this?  The key thing I want you to take away from this is that the larger the space taken up on the pyramid the more likely the event.  This means that you should be putting more time and effort into prepping for those things at the bottom of the pyramid than at the top.  This goes against a lot of what is out there at the moment in the prepping world but is a more measured way to approach the realities of how life happens.

Stay Safe!



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